Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring 2!!!

We had another amazing day today!!  We got to go to Valley Forge.  How cool was that?  I was really looking forward to this part of the trip.   But before heading to Valley Forge, we decided to swing back through Philadelphia so that we could stop by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and run up the same steps in the front of the museum that Sylvester Stallone had used  during the making of his movie "Rocky".  On the way however, we found ourselves in front of the "Betsy Ross House".  So as usual, I made my husband stop the car and let me jump out for a few quick photos.  Yay!!  Finally though, we did find our way to the art museum.  I had the kids race to the top of the stairs and do little victory jumps (just like Rocky...) while I took more pictures.  And yes, I also ran the steps.  Fun!!  Now we were off to Valley Forge.  The park is incredible.  Huge!!  So much history just everywhere.  I don't think I could explain it enough to do it justice.  The visitors center was amazing.  We drove around the whole park.  The kids were able to walk in and out of reconstructed cabins built just like the ones for the Continental Army.  We walked through the headquarters and Valley Forge home of George Washington.  We saw an incredible chapel.  The grounds were absolutely beautiful.  I think we spent a total of 9 hours in the park.  Full day!!  Now with tired kids and a happy husband, we are off to Hershey Pennsylvania to spend day 3 of our vacation playing with chocolate!!!  

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