Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Break!!

It's finally spring break in the Hanson family.   This year we decided to pack up and head to Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Not exactly the warmest spot in the country, but we are so excited for this trip.  We are off to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and our new little nephew Ben.  We were also hoping to see some really cool things as well.  Here are some photos of our first day.  It was really cold and WINDY here!!  But the sun came out the whole day, so I am truly grateful it decided not to snow.  Just to let you know, I took over 400 photos on day one alone.  I managed to quickly pick just a few of my favorites.  We saw SO much in just this one day.  Philadelphia is an amazing place.  I love it!!  My photos posted are just some of the historic places we visited.  We also did walk to China town (amazing!!!) and the Reading Market (amazing x 2!!).  Tomorrow we do the "Rocky" steps and off to Valley Forge.   Enjoy!!!  

Friday, March 18, 2011

Look what I just got in the mail...

Don't you absolutely LOVE to get packages in the mail?  I know that I do!!  Especially if it's not the secretly ordered scrapbooking stuff that I already feel guilty about, even though it's pre-ordered and not due to arrive for a few more months and....oh never mind.... lol.
So anyway, today I when I opened my mail box....... I got a package!!!  Yay!!
I got my Cottage Garden 4x4 swap pages back from the lovely and very talented ladies over at Life on the {Scrap}beach.  They are all SO awesome!!  A big "Thank You" goes to Belinda Akers for not only creating a beautiful page, but she also hosted the swap as well.  And I need to thank Diana Ricart, Molly Peirce, Kim Dylewicz and Judy McGinnis for creating such amazing pages.  Love them all!!!  Here are some pictures of the completed book.  I'm thinking I will make a back cover for these pages maybe sometime this weekend.  This is a really chunky book with so many beautiful things inside!!  I'm also adding a picture of  tags I made for another swap I joined with Stephanie over at With a Grin.  Just sent those tags out today.  Too fun and super easy!!  My kind of project.  For this swap, I used some new stamps (TPC Studio) I found over at JoAnn's.  Love them.  Now with these projects out of the way, I'm hoping to have time to work on another mini book swap (I know, I think I'm totally getting addicted to swaps....) that I joined over at Life on the {Scrap}beach.  This time I'll be using the Tim Holtz baroque die as my page shape as well as all the beautiful Graphic 45 "Curtain Call"papers.  They are amazing papers.  So beautiful.  
Ok, so take it easy and have a great weekend!!  The weather is finally turning beautiful over here.  My flowers are starting to come up and the kids will be on spring break in another week.  However, spring is this Sunday!!!  Light at the end of the tunnel.
-Enjoy the photos:)