Friday, June 24, 2011

Junque journals!!

In my last post, I mentioned that I had exchanged a junque journal with my friend Diana over at  The book I got back from Diana was amazing!!  More on that later, however, because today I'm gonna show you the book I made for her.  This was my first ever junque journal.  The idea was to create a book that she could just play along with and enjoy.  No rules.  She can alter, rip, paint, take apart, whatever.  I used a lot of scraps and stamps in this book,  and I tried some new techniques as well.  Photo transfering was so cool!!   It worked!!  I am definately going to play with that idea again.  I also used my stencils and paints and inks and oh whatever I could find.  I added vintage pieces, old book pages, handmade paper, metal, postcards, etc.. I love the book.  I think it turned out more "art journal" than "junque journal", but thats where the process took me with this project.  Tomorrow I will have pictures of the incredible junque journal that was made for me.  Awesome!! I can not say enough about how amazing was the journal that I received.  Enjoy..

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  1. A truly beautiful creation I am so happy to be the recipient of, Thank you Chris!