Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Book...

What a long weekend.  Cold weather and sick family.  Not fun.  Actually, I'm grateful for whenever I'm able to have my family all together.  Even if that means we are all wrapped up in blankets eating soup and watching way too much Sponge Bob.  My son is still home today.
So, I promised pictures on this blog... And here they are!!  (I think I might be getting the hang of blogging...knock on wood.)  Here are a few photos from my valentine paper bag album.  This is actually book number 2.  I made a really cute book a few weeks ago, and sold it to a friend of mine before I remembered to take any pictures.  Rookie mistake!!  Don't know what I was thinking, except for the fact that she actually wanted to buy my book and that I was very flattered.  So, I quickly whipped up this book last week and over the weekend.  Not as cute as book 1, but I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.  Enjoy.

Stay warm everybody.


  1. Great job! love the book. and i do like your blog!

  2. Found you Girl, OMG Love this Valentine mini. Super cute and beautiful.